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"Good time waster"

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Little Fighter is a fun game that doesn't get carried away with modern day commodities such as life-like graphics, an immersive storyline, or clever strategy based gameplay. It's pure beat 'em up at its best. In fact, the best way to describe it could be as a slightly more advanced take on the pinnacle of our gaming youths...Double Dragon. Let me emphasise SLIGHTLY more advanced, but still a more enjoyable way of spending a few minutes than sorting out your inbox.

  • Install and learning curve involved
  • weapon power ups (baseball bats, boomerangs, all with limited gore capabilities so still safe for the kids)
  • No gore! (Mortal Kombat fans turn back now)
  • Little bit repetitive but hey, that was all the fun of arcade games back in the day!

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04 Apr 2006

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